Welcome to the STONENOMADIC blog!!

Here I'll be sharing updates, news on upcoming projects and trunk shows, pics & videos of the jewelry making process and much more! Comments are welcome, please feel free to start a conversation here :)

For the first blog post, I have to talk about the first bracelet I ever made, and how it inspired all of this stonenomadic goodness! 

I was living in New York and found myself shopping at the yearly holiday market, I love buying jewelry from there - its a guilty pleasure to go holiday shopping for gift but buy a few for yourself LOL. I always loved the shambhala style bracelets I bought from the shops, but I wanted specific stones and bigger ones so I could use them for crystal healing and layering them for outfits... so I decided to make one! I started shopping for the stones. This process took months, learning about qualities and prices. Ordering the materials I needed, the cording, the bead reaming tools, the vice to hold the bead so I could drill it!!! DRILL BITS!?? As you can imagine, this hobby quickly turned into a monster.

In my shopping, I found that the shimmer of golden obsidian looks like space dust. Larvikite looks like light behind dark matter, or the moon behind the clouds. I found some labradorite from Madagascar that was very dark grey, and the flash was dark orangy red, and some had an aurora borealis-like green. I put all these together in one bracelet as a reminder of the universe. 

This universe bracelet was made in 2015 and I've updated the process of making them several times over by now - but it deserves some recognition. This was all the original "I don't know what I'm doing" work. Currently deciding if I want to remake it or retire it in its current state as a dramatic sacrifice lol. That would be a waste of beautiful gemstone! 

Check back for the 2nd installment of the stonenomadic blog! 

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